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dozen of yelp reviewers have given five stars for fish and grits contest and won in the bay view several times i understand . the southern fried chicken and stew is also on that list. entertainment is provided by the youth from outside the program and auditiond and mentored in marketing their skills. the staff is trained in a program that emphasizes skills and accountability. i wanted to say on a personal note old school has been a tremendous addition to our community. they have been wonderful and we are so supportive of everything they of doing. i also want to give a shout out to the golden gate restaurant association and helpful with them. mayora lee has hosted several coffee there
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is and supportive of the work and we send down people. we had sales force send 50 of the staff down to support the efforts they're doing. we also have one of our staff members on the mayor's staff that goes and tutors and lieu is who is with us this afternoon and appreciate the work that he has been doing and ja -- ja king torres and the community members that stepped up and we have other members and former supervisor member dufty and cohen is out there often and you can see swing dancing in the plaza. i want to introduce to you theresa but also with theresa is a very special person. i want to introduce chef kevin so chef kevin has
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been incredible in helping the youth to understand the value of running a restaurant and has been working with them, and showing them how to cook basically, and i just saw chef kevin at another wonderful event, our california youth connections who work with our foster youth and donating his time and incredible jump laila and behind me i would like to introduce tammy, dominique, erin, deserie, chris, chef kevin and the leader of the pack theresa. plawz welcome old school cafe. [applause] and the mayor has presented them with a proclamation and they had time with him in his office and it was an honor to seeing the
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incredible youth doing what they do. they run the restaurant from the front to the back of the restaurant and i encourage all of you to come and have an incredible experience with the youth. not only will they serve you efficiently and amazingly and the food is topnotch and the entertainment and come on down and we expect to see you all at old school cafe. >> thank you very much. this is such an honor. we have 22 youth. a few were able to come today and the original name before i landed them a name was "give them a voice" and youth theater mission and how do we give our young people a voice in a way that empowered them instead when it comes out rang ree and nobody is want to come
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and we changed the name to old school cave -- cafe and i would like to have dominique speak and why this is important and these restaurants and employment is necessary and going to say a couple words on his personal. >> just to start off i would like to thank everyone that came and supported us. it means a lot to us and coming from me and our background. most of us growing up to have a place that we could go it to call home and family. you know it's not just a program, a job. it's more like a family to me personally because it helped me out so much like going through all what i have been through in my life and they just gave me that second chance at life to change, you
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know, and no one else would do that, and so i am really proud of myself and all my coworkers, my family, to see all the progress that we did. we started from nothing to something. we didn't know a lot about the restaurant business but we did our best to do it, and i just want to say thank you for supporting us and hopefully stop by. [applause] >> thank you old school cafe. i want to thank all of the colleagues for their presentations but i particularly want to thank all of the restaurants who everyday are cooking to make sure that san francisco and the rest of the world are well fed. congratulations. and with that we do have some additional business colleagues. why don't we go to our 4:00 p.m. special
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order. madam clerk will you call those items. >> items 18 through 21 comprise of special order at 4:00 p.m. persons interestedded in or objected to the public works department and tentative map for condominium conversion on dolores street. item 19 is the motion approving the public works decision to approve the parcel map. item 20 is motion disapproving the public works decision and disapproving the parcel map and 21 is direction of findings. >> supervisor wiener as the district eight supervisor for this project. >> thank you mr. president. i move to continue these items to november 20. >> supervisor wiener made a motion to continue these items to the november 20. is there a second? seconded. without objection these items will be continued to the 20 -- i was just told i need to ask for public comment so before we
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pass the motion to continue are there any members of the public that wish to speak on this item? okay seeing none public comment is closed. colleagues if we could take the motion without objection to the 20 of november that should be the case and i understand from supervisor kim that she has another special commendation. >> yes thank you so much. this coincided with restaurant week but as we honor some of the existing businesses and i want to introduce to the board and commend one of the new businesses and they're here in the audience today. so zen dust was -- we talked about in the midmarket and the twitter and this was the first company to move in to the quarter and beyond that resolution beyond attracting companies to a market with a high vacancy rate and
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make sure the companies become integrated into a area that existed and tenderloin and south of market and we passed a citizen's advisory committee to over see the project that we envision in fact a open collaborative and mutually beneficial relationship between the companies moving in and the existing groups there and many of whom were low income, but even i had concerns as we passed the resolution we wouldn't be able to obtai the lofty goals and i was proven wrong and they opened a office in the south of market neighborhood. when they out grew that they moved to midmarket in 2011. zen dust was the first company to take advantage of this and enter into an agreement with the city and
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engaged the city early on in the process and designated a staff person to coordinate with community relationships and that is tiffany who took on that role with gusto and surveyed their employees what they were working with the community on. this resulted in a clear list of action items reflected both in the interest of the workers and always the needs of the residents. they hosted workshops such as central market and tenderloin can store healthy food when kitchen access is limited and worked with the campaigns and whatever group they worked with or the collaborative. one of the parties for our office was to ensure with the growing job economy many of the residents benefited from this as well. zen dust took this to heart and hired two summer intens in the
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neighborhood and i know them personally and live in the affordable housing developments and two young people part of veetnies center and they walked a couple of blocks from the home to new tech companies in midmarket where they were getting trained and employed and a new growing sector for me was particularly heart warming. zen dust collaborated with the community services and in the audience and work with chef programs that they catered all of their work events and supported the effort of several of our groups to cultivate more community gardens in the tenderloin. we want to see more of this. the city cultivated an environment where tech companies can thrive but with with the thing that they
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would give back and i want to commend them for setting the standards that are moving in and we have several agreements that are about to be signed before the end the year. it is clear they have impact on the surrounding neighborhood and working closely with the residents and the community. this is extremely important so i know that the zen dust soon to be ceo and his partners couldn't be here today but tiffany is here on behalf of zen dusk. by the way she is on maternity leave and still came in to get the award and i want to bring up a couple more people to speak about the impact they have had with them but tiffany i wanted to give you an opportunity to speak first. >>i wanted to thank you for recognizing us. and the
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agreement we executed and we filed a second one and a pleasure to execute. we felt it helped integrate us into the community and everyday we are braced more and more and understanding the tenderloin and the tenderloin is establishing us and couldn't have done it without the community benefits agreement. we're are happy there are more interesting the process and i am excited to get the second one ramped up and ready to go. thank you for recognizing us. >> thank you supervisor, and zen dusk. tiffany. ken with community services. our organization has been in the south of market and the tenderloin neighborhoods for many years doing homeless services for the last 30 and it's excellent to have zen dusk as our new neighbor. our organization which provides
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shelter, housing, senior services, education and employment, provides these opportunities for homeless people. we are already seeing the benefit of their work with us and it was at the outreach of tiffany and bill clark and the director of education and employment who is out of town with work related to the chef's program and through that contact i think we made a great start working with zen dusk and particularly on the chef's program and it was a great day to be here and mentioned earlier and their collaboration too and for us in the chef's program and the training culinary program those community relationships are essential. it doesn't work if you don't have it. we have relationships with about 20 restaurants in the city and we have now the benefit of this community benefits agreement with zen dusk with catering. i
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just talked before i came over here three times i think so far and we look at that only as the beginning. we also had the pleasure of doing a little teleconferencing at zen dusk offices and their equipment is a little more state of the art than ours and we appreciated that and i think for us what is most significant is what supervisor kim referenced a moment ago and that's really concentrating on the food security issues of people that live in the tenderloin, live in the south of market, and our organization we have a thousand people in supportive housing. getting a roof over their heads doesn't tear care of their foods needs and having a community partner sharing in the commitment of the food security needs of people is very important. they hosted the improve sf conference in that
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regard. they provided some of the logistics and their staff sad side by side with us trying to get solutions and we are committed to proceed with that so i commend them and look forward to continued work with them and other community partners. thank you so much. >> hi. i am dina hillard. i am the chair of the citizen's advisory committee that works with the city administrator office, city administrator on these community benefit agreements and zen dusk was our first company that we worked with and they're actually in their second year of the cba but they were really easy to work with. they were very enthusiastic providing benefits to the neighborhood. they were very forth coming with any information we asked for and
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definitely a model for the other companies and in our conversations with the other companies we told them talk to zen dusk. they were amazing to work with, and i think for me what is unique about zen dusk is that there is a culture. you can tell there say culture in the company that desires to really integrate and be part of the community and provide benefits to the community, and it's not out of having to sign a cba, but it just really is evident to me it's part of the culture, their company, to want to provide the benefits to the neighborhood they're in, so i personally want to thank sen dusk. i hope any companies that come after them look at them as a model to proceed. anything we suggested to them, anything we ask the answer was always yes. it was never no we just appreciated how easy they were
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to work with. >> thank you supervisor kim. and zen dusk and with that madam clerk clerk can you please read the memoryiums. >> mr. president, there were none for today. >> thank you. that concludes our business. we are adjourned. go giants
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>> san francisco mayor lee is here to join us. this is especially special for us. about 14 months ago when we kicked off our first program lee was here. he helped cut the ribbon and launch with our first companies about 14 months ago, and i one thing i will say before you get up we thought long and hard where we wanted green star located and we knew we wanted it in silicon valley and we wanted to know where they were going to and we believe
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san francisco is on the way to being the heart and hub of silicon valley and where the heart and the leadership is and we will exciting where it's going and please welcome mayor ed lee. >> thank you mitch. thank you so much. you know innovation is infectious. it's as infectious as giants fever. how about that? so let me tell you i have been excited ever since i came here and cut the ribbon with mitch a year ago and want to the get back here and see how everything was progressing and guess what? just over a year and a half ago when we first started here and when i started as mayor san francisco unemployment rate was 9.6% and
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last week six-point 9%. what a flip and a lot of it has to do with all the job creation you're doing right here and i want to congratulate you green start and all the companies starting out here. i like to be next and involved with all of the innovation going on. that is really infectious and i really like that with this city. because there are 208 clean tech companies in san francisco and there are 83 investors and i think they're all here today. i think we earned the title of north american clean tech group and part of my administration that we support you and we engage with in how to do it better and you're part of my 17 points of job growth in the city. i ran on that as the new mayor in town. by the way i never have ran for public
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office before so you need to help me look good. i know they're going to work and as mitch said we are the ecosystem. this is how things are happening. this is why people are coming into san francisco. in addition we have a tourist sector going on, life sciences going on. everybody is innovating in the right places and doing it here in san francisco and there is a strong spirit and we will continue growth and jobs everybody. we want to help everybody out and support each other and that comes to what we do here in san francisco. today i am announcing a new initiative and clean tech sf initiative which we launching with all of you. there are three part it is of this. the first part is we're working with the california clean energy fund. i know jeff anderson is here today as part of them and he's going to be
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partners with us, and he's partners in every branch that we doing. the first thing we're doing as clean tech sf we will establish innovation zones in san francisco. what does that mean? we asked last time when we were here in san francisco and how can we help? perhaps we can help with the resources that the city doesn't use to the highest use. let's take our space. we have a lot of assets under utilized. how can we allow the demonstrations that you're having today have a real field test for what they are, and if we could allow ourselves to be very flexible with our leases, our spaces we will allow ourselves to do that with partnership with green start and incubate some of the demonstrationos our property, let's take what we're doing specifically. with our sfpuc,
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with the department of the environment and melanie is here today and doing a great job with our mos connie center and i know we have a lot of panels up there already but doesn't fill all the roof tops and there is new technology coming out all the time. we have been challenged in the solar technology arena because traditional technology has heavy weight technology that always challenged the integrity of roof tops, and moscone is the one we found and let that be for one of these companies and light ultralight technology and use, cheaper way of getting solar out there and we're going to allow them to demonstrate their product on top of our mos connie roof and that is an example
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we're doing in utilizing all of the agency's cooperations and make sure the start ups can use real testing sites in the city. that is thanks to the hardand kelly and the manager at puc and barbara hale and the second thing we're going to do is take a page out of what we're doing with clean tech and biotech life sciences. you see what mission bay is doing. they have for the last ten years building up a ecosystem of pharmaceutical companies and san francisco medical center and integrated around with the research teams to form a very strong research center and because of that center more and more companies around the world are locating there because they want to be next to the laboratory innovators. they're sharing laboratories, sharing scientists and collaborating and all with
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solutions about the future of medicine. taking a page out of that why couldn't we do the same thing with clean tech? we want to invite institutions like our california puc, our san francisco puc, our department of the environment, organizations and private institutions like sun run or pg&e to potentially create the network of their innovative sites and their innovative divisions to work together and potentially in a physical location or just begin networking first, and start working with the major universities and their research entities on their sites so we can start anchoring these institutions within san francisco and create another ecosystem of anchoring institutions. that proved successful in the delivery of pharmaceutical answers to medical challenges. i think it
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will prove to be helpful here to have them focial exciting center to come and look at and draw the attention i think of even more start ups, and the third part of this clean sf initiative is make sure that we do everything possible to support clean tech start ups. we can do that with partnership with the clean energy fund and our departments and their funds for grants and help green start with all of these start ups and make sure they know we're supporting them in every way possible, and through that partnership we will come up with even more ideas. this continues to be the innovation capital in the world and i will put that in context and melanie asked me to remind all of you. there is no other city in the united states if not the world that can say they accomplished goals of 80% of
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all of our garage is being repsyched in san francisco. we will get to 100% in our lifetimes and this i grant you because we have innovators here and people committed. we have investors here to help us with the new ideas. this last 20% of recycling is going to be the hardest but the most enjoyable. this city will continue to innovate. we will embrace clean technologies. we we will certificate green start and demonstrations that we will see today and october is innovation month and gratifying for those and happy clean tech day in san francisco. thank you very much. [applause] >> it is awesome to have the
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mayor announce that right here at green start. we are thrilled to be a part of that. it's true a year ago mayor lee asked "what can we do to help?" and we said we have lots of companies that want to test pilot things and deploy things and how can san francisco be a part of that and to see this come together so quickly is incredibly rewarding and testament to the leadership you're providing and san francisco is lucky to have you as our mayor. thank you
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